Q: My child is interested in playing soccer, what is our next step? 
A: We would love to have your child join LSC! LSC has tryouts each June for placement in the following academic year. After tryouts, your child will be assigned a team based on his/her age, and a practice/game schedule will be provided. If your child would like to join the Lansing Soccer Club but tryouts have already passed for the current season, a supplemental tryout is possible, in such a case please contact us.

Q: What kind of time commitment is required of a child in LSC?
A: While each team has their own schedule, you can expect 2 after-school practices per week (for approximately 1.5 hours), and typically 1 game each week (most often on the weekend). Our fall soccer season runs from late August through the end of October and our spring season runs from early April through the end of May. Indoor soccer opportunities are also available during the winter months.

Q: What will Lansing Soccer Club teach my child?
A: LSC will teach your child the basic skills needed to play the game at a competitive level while also fostering appreciation for community. Most important of all, LSC will teach your child how to love of the game. LSC wants all children to experience the joy this sport offers and how they can in turn, share this joy with others.

Q: As a parent, I am interested in volunteering with LSC. What are my options?
A: Thank you for your interest! There are many options to help out with LSC including coaching/managing a team, and assisting with the planning and organizing of LSC events. Please contact us for more information on how you can get involved.

Q. What Fees can be expected, and when are they due?
A: Fees will be collected before the season begins, for Spring 2021 fees will be due April 1 and breakdown as follows:

  • Half Year - 100.00 USD
  • Half Year Scholarship - 50.00 USD

Q. What additional costs should I expect?
A: Your club fees will cover your league dues to CASL as well as the referee teams required for your team. The only additional cost you may pay will be to purchase a new uniform if needed. Additionally, many teams choose to play indoor soccer in the winter at Soccerzone. Parents and players will be required to pay any fees charged by Soccerzone for enrollment in winter soccer (typically around $50 a session).

Q. Is financial assistance available?
A: Yes, Last year LSC players received over $9,000 in scholarships. If you are worried about how to pay for soccer please contact us and we will do everything we can to help you. A player can receive up to $75 in scholarship per season. The Lansing Soccer Club is built on the idea that money should not prevent a child from learning the beautiful game.  More information on scholarships can be found at the CASL web site, or contacting us.

Q. What paperwork will my child need to play?
A: The LSC requires new club members to provide a copy of their birth certificate; in addition, a concussion release form is required by CASL, along with a medical release form (all documents are available in for review in the registration section). These forms must be completed and turned in by the first day of practice. Forms can be given to any coach or LSC board member.