Mission Statement

“While developing a child’s mental and physical skills, The Lansing Soccer Club is also designed to create an environment that nurtures a child’s love of the game. Our children learn good sportsmanship, how to honor their communities, the principals of respect and tolerance for all, and how a city can be built when a round ball and committed families come together.  In short, we teach children values that are critical to success on and off the field.”


It all started in the fall of 1999 when a group of elementary school students under the age of 7 played in the Lansing Parks and Recreation League to represent North Elementary School in Lansing. Today many of those youngsters are playing college soccer and fulfilling their dreams of obtaining a college degree.

After a year in existence, North Elementary School was able to fill 10 teams in the Lansing Parks and Recreational League. Due to the success and demand in the community to grow the sport of soccer in Lansing, in 2001 it was time to move on to play in the Capital Area Soccer League under a newly created Lansing Soccer Club.

Through the years we have trained and taught the skills of the game to more than a thousand players, we currently provide services to youngsters starting at the age of 6 all the way through high school. The growth of the club has allowed us to be able to form teams in all ages for both girls and boys. In addition, many of our parents have become so passionate about the game that they have begun to learn the game of soccer and give their best possible effort to engage in adult soccer leagues.

In 2006, we had one of our players(Ali Philmon) win a state championship for East Lansing High School and another player(RJ Ruckerts) earned a scholarship to play soccer at Indiana Tech University.

All this success is credited to the volunteer soccer coaches who are former players and are now willing to joyfully teach our children the basic skills of soccer. We are honored to have had experienced and licensed coaches such as; Todd Otten, Jon Pilcher, Jason Lounds, Kalman Hauk, Sam Saldivar, Andy Marple, Stephane Awuro and Ramon Rosas. The Lansing Soccer Club provides some of the best training to the Mid-Michigan area youth for a very accessible price.

We thank all the families who contribute to our fundraisers so we can offer full and partial scholarships. The Lansing Soccer Club goal is to make our program available to all children who want to play the beautiful game of soccer. Come and see us practice any time at the Old Everett Park ” where the city’s future stars are being developed”.

Andy Marple, Lansing Soccer Club President